Proof of Accommodation is available for Prague and Brno

We are able to assist you with obtaining an accommodation letter for Czech visa application purposes.
For long-term visa, such as for students coming to universities in the Czech republic, or for obtaining a long-term residence permit, a proof of accommodation is often required by the Czech embassy or by the Ministry of interior as part of your visa application documents.

We can provide you with the required accommodation confirmation letter with proper notary validated signature, fully accepted by Czech embassies and immigration authorities for the proof of accommodation purposes. 

This is a solution particularly suitable in cases where you are still in the visa application stage of the process in your home country and you are not able to obtain such documentation directly from a landlord, as you have not yet finalized the selection of your accommodation in the Czech republic.

We can arrange for this legal document to be sent to your home country by a post office, so you can include it in your official visa application, as required.

If you are in need of a proof of accommodation letter, please contact us by clicking on the button of a city, where you plan to live and work:

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