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By placing this request, I agree that HOME Hunters, s.r.o. can process this personal data (e-mail and phone number) in order to arrange cooperation regarding real estate. I am able to withdraw from this agreement any time in the future without need to state any reason.

We will try to contact you just one-time only, that is why we need to know, where to reach you for 100%

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We will track your flats to buy based on your needs and requirements. Leave arranging of viewings to us, no more trouble with non-English speaking owners and agents.

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We don’t forget about our family even if the hunt is over. You can count on our help even years after the deal.

Together stronger

Our hunting experience on your side. Professional hunters will help you buy the best flat for you.

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Preparing the hand-over, changing the energies contracts and all the other necessary paperwork will be taken care of.

Secure contracts that protect you

We will secure high quality contracts to ensure safe transaction.

Our works speaks for itself

These are flats that we have hunted down. These are flats that we have taken care of. These are our happy pups.


In the real estate jungle, one needs to listen carefully. We keep asking questions to understand you and your needs in order to help you the best.


We never promise things that we can’t make happen. On the other way, what we DO promise, we always deliver.


It is one of our core values. Respecting your partner and kind, personal approach is what we truly care about.

About us.
  • Fulfilling dreams of our customers since 2012
  • Clients love to get spoiled by our personal care. Leave the whole process to us, you are in the best caring hands.
  • We don’t forget about our friends even if the deal is over. You can count on our help even years after our last contact ♡.

We are using the cutting edge technologies and reside in cosy offices in the very city centre. Come to visit us!

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Rašínova 103/2, 602 00 Brno
Senovážné náměstí 978/23, 110 00 Praha 1

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